big time sensuality (furiousrose01) wrote,
big time sensuality

I'm in Kinder right now...with access to a computer!!! Not that I'll have much time to do anything on it, because I still have some shtuff to do in order to make myself a complete resident of the State of Louisiana.

Confused? My bills and some documents are registered under my mother's former address in Spring. So, I have to get them changed today...or I'll have no lights or power. Now, wouldn't that be swell for the first week of Spring semester????

This is it...two semesters left. Then, I'll be a Master. Ha! It's a little nervewracking. I probably should write my resumé next weekend. Once I have my tower up and running (crossing fingers, let's pray), I'm going to be on the hunt for a few things, namely a job and a place to live. After my apartment was broken into, I needed no more convincing that I at least needed a new part of town...or a different zip code. As in one that is not Baton Rouge.

I have figured a couple of ways that I would stay in BR. One way is if I was hired at LSU as a counselor. A couple of positions were left vacant over winter break, and I would love to assume either. Second, if I could work with Bryan at the LA Board of Regents (perhaps as a grant writer)... Yeah, I'd stay. I would be able to afford it. But as a single woman making $33,500 to start in the EBRPSS? In short, if I stay, I'm not teaching. (And, to be a complete snob...I am far too educated to be that underpaid. I don't know how the rookie teachers do it. I roughly know what my mentor teachers make, and that number was a lot bigger.)

Houston has been incredibly tempting. Teachers are paid very well at Year 0 and I could live in the Heights or Montrose area for cheap. I would be in the center of something with a I was driving here yesterday evening, I looked out at the vast stretches of farmland and untouched forest, and it left me conflicted. While walking around Bellonville today, I realized that I could live here. It's peaceful, and I don't mind being around my family at all...but there is NOTHING for miles. The closest big city is Baton Rouge. Sure, there's Lafayette and Lake Charles...and then three hours to the west is Houston. I've made the drive so many times I could do it asleep. I feel better there. The pulse.

Besides, I have aspirations to become a gringa.

Then, there's always the Peace Corps. Sarah found out. She pegged it as "another one of your far-fetched ideas, Janis. You'll never go through with it." So, that pissed me off and made me want to do it even more. Her concerns are in the right place, but I swear, when we are not getting along, it's like she turns into my mother (something she revels in)...I can hear Stephanie's voice..."J...JV...stop fuckin' around!" At least we are getting along right now. (good thing...I'm staying at her place this weekend.) Thank god she only has one more week in Houston...

Dad just came back from working in the butcherhouse all morning. I'm about to make my lengthy series of phone calls. Maybe I could ask him to work on my shoulders back is killing me, and I have to drive all over creation tomorrow...

I'll be back in BR Monday afternoon. Until then, peace and love, my dear friends.

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