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I wish I could express how beat up I feel...

So, I'm pretty much convinced that middle school is not for me (already, I know), yet there are some interesting challenges at Gonzales Middle that were not really overly present at McK (resource students, illiteracy, ESL and disability students), and I really want to work with these kids. Any different experience that forces me to stretch my mind is going to make me a better teacher.

The mentor teachers at GMS are not nearly as challenging as the teachers at McK...I wonder if the gap is the difference between gifted and traditional, and it makes me sort of upset. I want my kids to have the opportunity to be challenged, and I don't know if I will have the opportunity to give them that. far as my own academics...

Fuck, dude. $400 worth of shit to read. Granted, it's good shit, but it's good shit in bulk. I didn't ask for a degree from Sam's. For the love of Pete...


I am learning to let go. I actually gave that guy a hug. It was a bit liberating...but it could just be me in all my sheer exhaustion.

I'm hoping for a breakthrough.

I just realized how much I have stopped to the past few days. I feel a little more centered. ...But not completely. I wouldn't be part Broussard if I was completely centered.


So, did Mayor Nagin have a temporary lapse in sanity or what? The fuckin' Willy Wonka jokes have already started less than 24 hours after he made that doomed


Thank god I don't have to drive to Gonzales Friday. I'd rather drive to Lake Charles after a long day...

peace and love to you, each and every one.
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